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Posted on June 11th, 2009 by Nico

With seven months to go before departure our website is in the finishing stages of design. This means it is  time to start on what may be the most difficult part of the endeavor: creating content.

The website for the World Heritage Cruise is of major importance to our final accomplishment. It is designed for the public, our partners, our sponsors and our friends. This means it will have to cater to many different interests. 

When we first had the idea we would  build a website to log our trip across the continents, we had no idea it would  become this big and interesting... like our trip grew from a planned extended holiday into a year-and-a-half cruise. As I sit here writing this first news item (or journal if that’s what you would like to call it) I can’t help but wonder  where it will all lead.

As our plans and preparations progressed in the last year, so did this website. It started out as a


scrap  page in our preparation book. Since then Melody has done a professional web-design  course, and we have spent many a night talking about the lay-out, the colors,  the pictures, the ‘feel’ of the site, and most of all what on earth to write on  it! What we decided upon is what you are reading now...

Keeping these pages up to date will  provide us with ample to do on the long evenings in the desert, the jungle or the  mountains. Not to forget all the preparations we have to describe here before  the day of departure, January 2, 2010. But first things first,  and that will be a more extensive story of how we came up with this whole idea  in the first place… read about it in a couple of days.

P.S. Our first sponsors have turned  out to be Raymond and Maurice, the owners of ICT Teamwork, who have offered to  host this site at no charge. Thanks guys!

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Please note: We are still developing this website. Check back regularly for new updates. Contact us at for more information and/or ideas.