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Finally, I am getting around to writing in our journal. It has been four months since I wrote the first entry here, about how we would regularly update this page.

The last four months have been incredibly hectic. First, we spent 4 weeks on Borneo. Then we got married! Preparations for our big trip mostly fill our weekends and weeknights now! As I write this, I am preparing a story about our trip to Borneo. As an example of what to expect, here is the first paragraph with a picture.

localsOur four weeks on Borneo were amazing. We traveled with Melody’s whole family; for them the holiday was a trip down memory lane. For me the island was a new experience however. Having been to Asia extensively, I did notice a difference. The more run-of-the-mill tourist destinations like Thailand, mainland Malaysia and upcoming Vietnam do exactly what you expect: cater to tourists. Borneo though is largely virgin territory for travelers. We noticed this immediately in the smiling attitude of the population. Here, a traveler is not necessarily a tourist. Nor does the population do the well-rehearsed sales-pitch or the ‘welcome, where are you from’ speech. Their interest and smiles are genuine, a refreshing difference.

Expect the rest of the story online soon... for real this time.

On the 22nd of August we bought our transport and home for our upcoming cruise. She is a beautiful Toyota Landcruiser HDJ80 - 4.2 liter Turbo-Diesel, in perfect condition. I will not go too far into the technical specifics, suffice to say we have absolute fate in the legendary reliability of this range of Toyota 4x4’s. And she looks good too... for more information on the specifics and modifications you can have a look at the Landcruiser tab on the sidebar.

29th of August
weddingWith all our family, friends and loved ones we shared the most beautiful day in our lives. We got married. Words cannot describe the feeling. All the love and happiness that day were brightened by sunny weather, spiced up by great food and drinks and livened up by party music. The whole event was perfectly organized by our good friend and most amazing wedding planner, Eveline Hoogeweegen.

Friends of World Heritage
At this moment the Friends of World Heritage campaign is not in a position to lend her full support to our initiative. However, they have still invited us to keep our travel blogs and photos available for use on their social networking platforms and for possible email distribution. We welcome their (reduced) support, and will keep everyone updated on the final outcome of our collaboration.

You can now become a fan on our facebook page.This way we can update you every time we write a new story or when other content becomes available on this story. We are also still searching for a name for our car. Enter the naming contest and maybe you will win a free souvenir from a country of your choice that we will pass through!

I will keep this journal updated regularly from now on. The next entry will describe our trip to Borneo, and the latest preparation developments.

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