Time flies!

Posted on December 12th, 2009 by Nico

packingOnly twenty-one days before departure! Stress-levels are rising fast, and it seems there are not enough hours in each day for all the final details we are taking care of. All the paperwork to be done, the house to clear out, selecting what to take along, put in storage or throw away. We are busy, very busy.

We are counting down days, not only until D(eparture)-day, but also at our workspaces. Melody has five working days to go, for me the countdown is at 12. It is sometimes hard to concentrate on handing over my responsibilities at work, with all the thoughts spinning around in my head: ‘How about this visa, how about that permit, is the car really ready... oh and I still have to

call the Saudi Embassy in Jordan. Here we go again: Salaam Aleichem, do you speak Englisch please?’

Fortunately a lot of things are falling into place at this time. We are getting our roof-tent next week (Thank you ‘Aart Kok Adventure’ for the beautiful ‘Howling Moon Stargazer’, sponsored 100%), and I have received my Bachelors Degree! These windfalls, along with the goodbye dinners and farewell parties, seem to be the things keeping us sane. We both need time to relax and think about something other than the World Heritage Cruise every now and then. Without the support, help and love of our friends and family we would certainly not have gotten this far.

More about the final preparations next week... stay posted through this site or become a ‘fan’ on Facebook, to receive automatic notification when we post stories and pictures.

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