We have a house!

Posted on December 21st, 2009 by Nico

our houseOur roof-tent has arrived! Last week we installed it onto the roof-rack. The help from Menno and Rick from ‘Trecx offroad and outdoor gear’ (www.trexc.com) proved invaluable. Their professional approach and relentless enthusiasm made the installation a piece of cake. Trecx is an outfitter for ‘Aart Kok Adventure’(www.aartkok.nl), the Dutch importer and distributor of Howling Moon roof-tents.

Aart Kok and his wife Anneke have provided the roof-tent, in a combination deal with the KCK, the ‘Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen’. We will test the tent, a Howling Moon Stargazer, on our trip and write regular reviews on how it holds up. For now we can say the tent feels incredibly sturdy, well made and practical. KCK, Aart Kok Adventure and Trecx, thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!!

Menno and Rick also helped us make up our mind how to finish the rest of the installations on the roof-rack. We covered it up with aluminum plating, and fitted two sturdy boxes and a lockable mount for the spare wheel. The installation of our Long Ranger auxiliary tank required the spare wheel to be removed from under the car and it now has a safe place on the roof-rack.toyota

Our days are flying by at ever increasing speeds! Our house is nearly packed up; we are starting to live of the camping gear. Thanks to all our wonderful friends we don’t go hungry (we don’t have time to cook). Instead we regularly eat at their places, and this way can also take our time saying goodbye… till we meet again, maybe on the road, maybe back in Holland… Melody is busy packing, and I will go help her now… more news in a couple of days!


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