Our Beautiful Land Cruiser




These pics are from when we just bought our new car. Soon we'll post new pics here with all the adjustmenst we have made to it!

We still need a name for our car. Become a fan on facebook and post a name or e-mail us at info@worldheritagecruise.com!. The winner gets a souvenir from country of choice! Ideas up to now:

Deukie, The Cattlecar, Big Bubba, Tom Cruiser, Jezebel, Cruisella de Wil Weg, Eric, Galactica, Zwelgje, Nemo, A car called Wanda, Storm, Stofzuiger, De Reiziger, The Traveller, Stuurhut, Grasshopper, Best Mate, Jolly Green Giant, Shrek, Sterling, William Grover, Aston, Jagger.

On the day of departure the winner will be announced!


The extra dieseltank and suspension


Our storage system, not completely finished yet...


The (still empty) roofrack!


Please note: We are still developing this website. Check back regularly for new updates. Contact us at info@worldheritagecruise.com for more information and/or ideas.