Melody Reyneveld

Melody was born in Calgary, Canada on February 5, 1978. During her youth, she lived with her parents in Oman, England and Syria. As a teenager, she lived in Holland and visited her parents frequently in Malaysia, Japan, Nigeria and Russia.

Melody works part-time as a milliner. Making and selling hats is a passion she developed while workingwith a milliner in Canada. The rest of the week she works for a camping Magazine.

Nico Kloet

Nico was born in Voorburg, Holland on February 8, 1972. As a baby, he moved with his parents to Brunei. The following years of his youth, he lived in Oman and Thailand. As a teenager, he lived in Holland and visited his parents frequently in Gabon, Syria and Oman.

Nico works for the United Nations in The Hague. He is also writing his final thesis to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

Travelling is an integral part of Nico and Melody’s life. Having visited most countries of Europe, several in the Americas, and with backpacking experience in Southeast Asia, the urge to broaden their horizons and integrate with local cultures runs strong.

One day, three years ago, Melody and Nico were standing in front of the world map, planning a new trip. The idea was to go for a three to six month sabbatical right after Nico finished his studies. They realized the longest trip they could make overland is from Holland to Singapore. What started out as a plan for several months of backpacking has since evolved to the World Heritage Cruise.


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