ICT Teamwork

Thank you ICT Teamwork for hosting our website!

ICT TeamworkICT Teamwork aims at automation for small to medium-sized companies. Our philosophy is: you say what you want, we make sure it works. Choosing ICT Teamwork means you will have the benefits of a company specializing in a total package of hardware, software and support for now and the future. ICT Teamwork sponsors the World Heritage Cruise by hosting her website and providing email exchange, server space and online support.

Denemarkenlaan 2
2711 EL Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-79-3633100
Fax: 0031-79-3633101


Zeilmakerij Vrolijk

Thank you Zeilmakerij Vrolijk for sponsoring the amazing awning!

Fire FlashThe trade name for all your construction and repair needs for sails, tents, boat covers and awnings. We are happy to solve your problems with any of the above products, and to produce quality results through our years of experience. Your wishes are our priority and we are eager to brainstorm with you to find a fitting solution.

In other words, we can fix anything that fits under our professional sowing machines! No problem is to difficult for us and we are at your service. We are conveniently located in the harbor of Scheveningen. Feel free to contact us or just drop in:

Schokkerweg 26
2583 BH The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-70-3554957
Fax: 0031-70-3552138
Email: studio@zeilmakerijvrolijk.nl www.zeilmakerijvrolijk.nl


Aart Kok

Thank you Aart Kok and KCK for sponsoring the amazing rooftent!

Aart KokThe employees of Aart Kok Adventure identify themselves through commitment, passion, interest en ambition, because it is too easy to make money by selling cheaply made products, that in the end turn out to be twice as expensive. We develop our products from an idealistic approach, for our enjoyment and not for profits. Our main motivator is the enthusiasm of our clients. A continuous process of in-house development makes our collection as diverse as our clientele: people who truly enjoy camping. That we have become market leader is a logical result, not a business goal. While trendsetting Aart Kok Adventure keeps innovating to make a difference.

Aart Kok Adventure sponsors the World Heritage Cruise through the donation of a Howling Moon Stargazer roof tent. The Stargazer perfectly suits Nico and Melody’s trip, being sturdy, reliable and made for intense use. Not for nothing Howling Moon products are called the Rolls Royce among roof tents.

Cruquiusweg 29
2102 LS Heemstede
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-23-5471774
Fax: 0031-23-5470946
E-mail: info@aartkok.nl


Long Ranger

Thank you long ranger for sponsoring the diesel tank!

The Long Ranger has its grass roots embedded firmly in the outback of Australia. It was during the late 70s that owner of Out of Town 4WD Fred Black, recognised a need for 4WD travelers to have a greater fuel capacity to travel the vast distances required in vehicles that were designed for a purpose and not fuel efficiency. It began in a domestic back yard in Wangi, NSW. The business grew.

Here at The Long Ranger we pride ourselves on setting the standard. Our Long Range Fuel and Water Tanks are designed with the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing processes. Using 2mm Aluminised Steel (14 Gauge) as the material of choice for our fuel tanks, all of our products are individually designed and tailored to suit each vehicle incorporating features such as internal baffling, anti surge dam, in-built expansion chamber and fully sealed brackets.

The Long Ranger tanks and Out Of Town 4WD have sponsored the World Heritage Cruise with a free long-range auxiliary tank. The World Heritage Cruise will visit 27 countries, covering an estimated 60.000 kilometers. In order to travel to some of the most remote areas of the globe, a large (and safe) fuel supply is crucial. The Long Ranger fuel tank fitted to Melody and Nico’s car provides an extra 160 liters of immediately accessible diesel, which in combination with the standard 90 liter tank gives them a action radius of over 2,400 kilometers.

The Long Ranger
Out Of Town 4WD PTY LTD
65 Northville Drive, Barnsley
NSW. 2278, Australia
Tel:  02 4953 3288
Fax:  02 4953 1916



Thank you KCK for everything!

The Dutch camping and caravanning magazine KCK (Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen) is one of the biggest magazines of it’s sort in Europe. This monthly magazine will feature a two-page spread concerning the World Heritage Cruise, from the globetrotter’s point of view. The editorial staff of the KCK has provided Melody and Nico with priceless information, advice and contact during the preparatory phase of the cruise. The KCK acted as an intermediary to Aart Kok Adventure concerning the sponsorship of the Howling Moon Stargazer roof tent. Every other month a column, “Whereis Melody” will update the KCK’s readers on the encounters and experiences of Melody and Nico from the adventure camping perspective.

Postbox 93200
2509 BA The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-88-269 2222
E-mail: kck@anwb.nl


Ambiance Zonwering

Thank you Ambiance Zonwering for sponsoring the stickers!

In 2008 Ambiance and Vrolijk sun-screening companies joined forces to become the largest and oldest sun screening companies in The Hague and surroundings. The combination of tradition and innovation makes our company the regional specialist for all your needs. Our professional team is available at your convenience, with a supervisor in possession of the Sun Screen Professional of the Year Award: www.zonvakkervanhetjaar.nl

Co-located with Zeilmakerij Vrolijk, Ambiance Zonwering can handle all your sun-screening needs. Feel free to contact us or just drop in:

Schokkerweg 26
2583 BH The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-70-3228836
Fax: 0031-70-3552138

Qvist Outdoor Cooking

Thank you Qvist for sponsoring the Coleman!

Peter Qvist, founder of the company, has perfected the art of outdoor cooking. His dedication to cooking and nature were exemplified at the various outdoor exhibitions Melody and Nico visited in the preparatory stage for their cruise. Peter’s company can provide all the outdoor cooking requirements, complemented by a wealth of experience and unrivaled enthusiasm.

Peter has kindly sponsored the World Heritage Cruise with a Coleman 414 Multifuel stove.

QVIST Outdoor Cooking Center
Ceintuurbaan 15
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-6-51079808
Email: info@qvist.nl

Verdia Technologies

Thank you Verdia for everything!

Mukul Verdia in India helped us enormously with getting our energy problem fixed. They sold us solar panels for an extremely good price and threw in an excellent working battery controller. Now everytime we are camping we have one worry less. Our coolbox is staying cool thanks to Verdia!

Solar energy has historically been revered and worshipped around the world. With modern technology and the ability to store power, Solar energy is providing new avenues and an alternative source of energy. VTech-Solar not only takes solar energy within your reach through innovative and affordable solar products, but also helps organizations set up solar lines in India. Founded by India's pioneering professional in the optical disc technologies, VTech-Solar introduces in India a range of Solar Cells, Wafers, Modules and state-of-the-art products from among the best brands world-wide.

New Delhi HQ:
J-181 Sarita Vihar,
New Delhi, India
Phone: +91 11 2695 8420


Peter and Astrid

Thank you Peter and Astrid for sposoring the roof rack!

Peter and AstridThe roof rack for the car was sponsored by Peter and Astrid. Not only did they sponsor us, they also helped fit the rack to the car and showed us real hospitality and interest in our plans and dreams.