Jordan and Saudi

“So how long have you two been travelling?”“Oh, just a bit over ten years…”“What, ten years? All by bicycle? Where did you go?”“Well, up and down South-East Asia a few times, through China to Europe and back by different routes, the Middle East, Iran, and some more places I guess.” We were flabbergasted. We were in […]

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World Heritage Sites

Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis Date of Inscription: 1979N25 43 59.988 E32 36 0  3/5 Thebes is the Greek name for a city in Ancient Egypt located about 800 km south of the Mediterranean, on the east bank of the river Nile. It was inhabited beginning in around 3200 BC. It was the eponymous

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Travel Tips

New Park Hotel – AmmanKing Hussein Street, opposite to the old Court buildingReservation_newpark@yahoo.comN31°57’21.2” E035°55’54.7”Cheap and free wifi! Alshobake – AmmanFirst Circle, Amman, 079-5906637Opening hours: 07.30 – 15.00 closed on FridaysFor a transit visa through Saudi ArabiaDon’t bother going to the embassy. They will send you to this place anyway. Ask for Mr. Zacharia. Our personal

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