Travel Tips

Rezeiki Camp – Luxor
N25°42’40.9” E032°38’55.4”
Not cheap but friendly staff. A nice and quiet place in busy Luxor (except for the friday afternoon muezzin). The bathrooms could be a little bit cleaner.

Salma Motel Camping- Cairo
Sakkara Road, Harania Village
N29°58’11.1” E031°10’28.5”
Cheaper then Rezeiki camp but also a lot dirtier. Only option for camping in Cairo though.

Siwa Safari Paradise – Siwa Oasis
N29°12’13.7” E025°31’29.8”
Has a really friendly manager who helped us get to Bahariya. Can’t say anything about the hotel though, because we didn’t stay there.

Our personal favorites:

  • The White Desert, N27°21’36.2” E028°09’57.5”
  • Abydos, N26°11’11.7” E031°55’15.1”