Travel Tips

Ghods Gasht Travel Agent – Tehran
No. 18 Dr. Behesti Ave, Mir Emad
The very friendly and helpfull owner Mr. Ahmad Sehoai speeks perfect German and a little English.

SSLIL South Shipping Lines – Tehran
No. 119 Ghaem Magham Farahani st.
Friendly Captain Reza Amini will help you with all your shipping needs. He helped us ship our car to India. Perfect service.

ABC Terminal – Bandar Abbas
Mr. Aghamiri treated us as guests instead of paying customers. While his staff did all the paperwork for shipping our car to India he served us tea and food. The same night he made sure we had a wonderful place to sleep. His services were impeccable and we will always be grateful to him.

Toyota – Tehran
No 418, Dolat Street.
This Toyota garage performed perfect maintenance on our car. The service was fast and the staff super friendly. The manager Omid Binazir speaks good English

Silk road hotel – Yazd
Backpacker atmosphere with high quallity lodgings! The owners of this franchise understand and are helpfull to travelers with all kinds of needs. Good restaurant, free Wifi!

Aziz Rashidi – Shushtar
phone number: 0963227041 / 9367644073
Friendly guide for the shushtar watermills. He claims to be always there, so in theory you can’t miss him!

Our personal favorites:

  • The Kaluts in Luts desert
  • Meidan Emam in Esfahan