Travel Tips

Al Wasayet – Tripoli
All necessary paperwork (and a lot more!) for our Libya cruise was arranged by Ahmed, through Al Wassayet, the Company of Mr. Mohammed. We highly recommend this professional and friendly operator, who also provides air cargo ground handling at Tripoli International Airport.

Ahmed El Fazaa – Tripoli
Ahmed is always willing to render his services as a guide or local contact to any serious traveler. He speaks perfect English and Dutch.

Dr. Bashir Younes – Ghadames
A professional guide and English teacher, he kindly provided our tour of Ghadames and her museum.

Troglodyte house – Gharyan
N32°16’17.0” E013°02’35.7”
Sorry, we don’t have any contact info, but every guide should know it.
Beautiful house dug into the ground, if you’re lucky you might be able to arrange an overnight stay!

Our personal favorites:

  • The world Heritage Site Ghadames. 
  • The Ubari Sand Sea