Travel Tips

Teheran Tours – Muscat
N23°35’49.8” E058°14’55.4”
For organising your Iran visa. Excellent service.

Swiss Belhotel – Masirah Island
N20°35’56.2” E058°54’09.7”
Lets face it, it’s way to expensive for most people, but it’s so amazing! During turtle season the turtles come right up to the hotel. In the off season turtle sighting is not garanteed. We were so lucky as to get a discount because we knew the right people.

Ras Al Jinz Scientific & visitor Centre- Ras Al Jinz
+968 96 55 0606 / 0707
Also very expensive hotel but seeing turltes is garanteed. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to see the turtles, there is also a ‘campsite’ not far away but it looks unwelcoming. Expect loads of tourists, reserve ahead in the high season!!

Adventure tours – Muscat
Al Azaiba, Muscat
We have not used their services but they are the number 1 choice for adventurous tours in Oman. we have spoken to the owners and they are very passionate about Oman and their work.

Kargeen – Muscat
Al-Wattayah, Muscat
Excellent food and amazing juices in a really relaxed ‘arabic’ setting!

Claire Careil – Muscat
Contact details upon request.
A good friend of ours who has lived in Muscat for a long time now and works in the tourist industry. If you have any questions or want to go for a cup of coffee with someone who is passionate about Oman give her a call!

Al Jazeera guesthouse – Al Jubah
Not hard to miss. Close to the roundabout and next to the petrol station.
+968 25427555
N02°52’41.7” E058°11’40.2”
Finally an affordable guesthouse! Nothing wrong with it. Only a shame that the beds were to heavy to put next to each other.

Our personal favorites:

  • Mutrah Souq
  • Wadi Shab