Travel Tips

Maison de Jeunes – Sousse
Cite Sahloul 4000
Camping is possible but costs the same as a room. It’s cheap and dirty but the people are super friendly and it’s nice to see how they keep the kids of the streets.

Hotel Dar Ali – Djerba
BP. 86 Sidi Mahrez,
Cheap and clean rooms with swimming pool and free wifi. The British owner Carola is very friendly and has lived in Tunisia for a long time. So if you’ve missed being able to have a nice and easy conversation with someone who actually understands you this is a good place to go to.

Camping Desert Club – Douz
Fine camping. Nothing wrong about it but also nothing spectacular.

Camping – Tozeur
Nice place, super friendly staff, bit noisy at night though!

Our personal favorites:

  • The world Heritage Site Thugga.
  • The northern coastal area